Driving Schools


Welcome to the Driving School Page

Our HDPE schedule for 2018 is as follows

May 25th 2018                            1 Day High Performance Driver Education @ Waterford Hills CLICK HERE for more details.

September 14th - 16th 2018      2 Day High Performance Driver Education @ Grattan Raceway CLICK HERE for more details.

Other Driving Schools

May 6th 2018                               Car Control Clinic @ The Tire Rack

Date TBD                                     Tire Rack / BMWCCA Foundation Street Survival

Driving School - First Timers Briefing

Congratulations, you made the decision to attend a performance driving school, hosted by the MotorCity Chapter BMW CCA and our Driving Events Committee.  This may be your first school ever or simply your first school with MotorCity BMW CCA.  This message is intended to help you be prepared to get the most out of your first experience at a High Performance Drivers' School and to provide you with answers to some questions you may have about the event ahead of time. Please note the emphasis on School. Most of you are already good drivers. The fact that your are interested in improving your skills shows you want to become a better driver. Most on road driving uses about 50% of the cars capability and about 50% of your potential driving skill. Our school will raise your driving to 75% to 80%. Your car is already much more capable than you, especially if it is a BMW. .............. Read more......